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Tips On Securing Your CMS

Nowadays, you can develop website without knowing the codes that make your hair became curly. Most of them available as Open Source Software. As a hosting provider, we do support your needs to host theese popular CMS. However, the security of your installed CMS is by your own.

Tips on securing CMS.

  1. Change the structure of the database from the default installation. Use hard to guess table name.
  2. Use proper permission for your CMS configuration setting (Refer your CMS provider for this).
  3. Use strong password.
  4. Allways scan your machine that you frequently use for FTP acces and etc. A spyware could just eavesdropping your ftp transaction and have a fiest with your credential.

Just keep in mind that no software in this world is secure enough, because:

"Security is a process, not a Product "

- Bruce Schenier-

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