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Malware infected Website

Q : My Website has been detected by Google as Malware infected website. What is happening? What should I do?

A :

There are many possibilities which may cause your website to be detected by Google as malicious website. It could be :

  1. Your website itself has been injected by a malicious code.
  2. Your website has contents that linked to another website that has been infected by malicious code OR a website that distributing malicious code.

The steps that you could take are :

  1. Backup your website regularly.
  2. Do not remove any file once your website has been infected. Keep a copy for forensic study.
  3. Ask your web developer to have a short analysis for you to look for the malware code injected into your website.
  4. Sign in to Google Webmaster tools and add your website to be reviewed by Google after you have succesfully removed up all malicious codes.

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