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My CMS has been hacked what should I do?

Onnet Hosting do support the requirement to run most of the Popular CMS (Content Mangement System). Eg : Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Mambo and etc.

However, we cannot and do not maintain the security of the CMS since the websites are not developed by us or under our control. Most open source CMS is prone to became the target of intruders to fill their extracurricular activities time. If that happened to you, Following actions are advisable for you to take.

Step :

  1. Backup all files in your entire home directory once it has been defaced/hacked.
  2. Analyze the possible CMS security breach by downloading the raw access log for your website.

Prevention & Tips :

  1. Allways do reqular full backup.
  2. Keep in touch with your web developer to maintain your CMS.
  3. Check & install any available security patches from your CMS provider.
  4. Set proper permission for all your files and directories.
  5. Do not install random and not supported plugins by your CMS community, it may contains security flaws, malwares and malicious codes.

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