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Assigning/changing DNS server of my ".my" extension domain name.

To change your DNS is simple. However, only technical contact are allowed to change the DNS server. To determine your domain name technical contact, you can determine from WHOIS record :

Search WHOIS record from :

  1. http://whois.domainregistry.my (my ccTLD - Malaysia Domains)
  2. http://www.onlinenic.com/whois (gTLD - International Domains)

The technical contact must have the login credential to the respected registrar in order to carry out the changes. To change your nameserver, kindly follow the below step :

1.  Login as technical contact of your domain from below link :

2. From drop down menu of "Domain name", select "Modify Domain"

3. Search for your domain name

4.  Select your domain name from the result and click "Modify".

5.  Click on "Modify Name Servers"

6. Select on "Add/Remove/Change Name Server".
If you know the nameserver code, you may just assign the nameserver code and click modify. Once you're done, notification of successfull DNS change will be sent to your mail by domain registry Malaysia.

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