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Configure email on iPhone

Step :

1. Point to "Settings" on your main iPhone screen.
2. Click on the "Mail"
3. Tap on "Add Account".
4. Tap on "Other".
5.Fill server information as following:

* Fill your name, and full emaill address

For incoming server
Hostname     :    mail.yourdomain
Usernam       :    your full email address
Password     :    your password

For Outgoing Mail Server
Hostname     : mail.yourdomain
username      : your full email address
password      : your password

6. Click Save and Done.

iPhone will verify your setting and you will see some message such as "Are you sure want to connect without SSL" If that happen you should just save the above setting by click ‘Save’ at the top right corner of the i Phone screen.

Now, go to the main screen of your i Phone, and do the following step :

* Point to : Settings -> Mail -> Other -> Accounts -> tap on the mail account’

This will pull up the iPhone mail settings. There located the ‘Advanced’ settings at the bottom and tap on it.

* Turn off connect using SSL
* Change Server Port to : 110 for incoming Settings.
* Change Server port to : 26 for outgoing settings.

7. Done

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