Root Cause

The issue with connectiivity happened today is due to one of our dedicated server subscriber which has installed some sort of software in their server which causing looping of network and jammed up our switches.

Impact of the incident
The incident affecting all our customers who're hosted in our network. All communication from & to the servers hosted in our hosting network are unreachable.

Incident Summary

We notice that the communication to all our hosting network unreachable.

Network engineers start troubleshooting and found issue is due to switch appear to be "unreachable"

Further Checking, it takes a while to find to root cause which appear to be one of the dedicated server subscriber which causing the network interruption.

09:30 AM;
Problematic customer server isolated to a different network to ensure that they're not causing same issue again.

10:00 AM:
Our Network Engineers restart the network port indvidually to restore and recover all the connection

11:51 Am:
The network has been fully up and running.

Onnet Solutions Sdn. Bhd

Friday, July 3, 2015

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